When it’s time for your next career step, you’re ready to face challenges. Together, we identify your key qualities, achievements and strengths, help you articulate them in a presentation, and prepare you for a live interview. We do a realistic mock interview together. Compete for your new dream position with all the trump cards available to you.
Ask yourself # 1

Do you want your CV to stand out and attract an employer?

Ask yourself # 2

Do you want to nail your job interview and convince the interviewers?

Ask yourself # 3

Do you want to become aware of yourself before others judge you?

When can we help you?

It’s not enough to just possess the know-how needed for the job. You should also be able to present your competencies, experience and character appropriately.

H.ROOM is right for you when:

  • you sense a new career opportunity,
  • you want to reach your potential,
  • you have to convince decision-makers that you are the one.

Areas where you can use our knowledge and experience:

  • analysis of your business and personal profile and competencies,     preparation of an excellent CV for the desired job,
  • conducting a 60-minute mock interview with a final analysis and action     plan for the real interview,
  • tests of leadership and other competencies,
  • an action plan for concluding employment talks with a potential     employer.
Preparing the CV

We make sure your employer doesn’t overlook your CV. You’ll stand out from the average.

Price: EUR 45

Job interview training

Conducting a 60-minute mock interview. Preparation for the interview, testing, evaluation and preparation of an action plan for the real job interview.

Price: EUR 130–200

The way to your dream job

Integrated package: preparation for all stages of competing for your dream career opportunity.

Price: EUR 250


What challenge do you want to solve today?

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